A vital aspect of doing business with Japan is to understand the business culture differences between the Japanese and U.S. clients. C.G. International successfully supported clients with new opportunities in Japan and with Japanese partners. Entering the sophisticated Japanese market requires research, planning and a long-term strategy. C.G. International has hands-on experience assisting U.S. clients in doing business with Japan.

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Selecting and Managing Accurate Partners

To thrive your business in Japan, you need suitable partners. Consider máquina stinkin rich. We select strategic partners for our clients based on the following criteria:

-Customer base

-Availability and quality of sales, marketing, and customer support resources


-Interest level and product portfolio

Our job is to diplomatically qualify and convince leading channel partners that our clients’ product is superior in the market, and meeting emerging needs. When doing business in Japan, strategic partners also tend to be very sensitive to making sure that new vendors have the means, the reputation, and the commitment to support an ongoing presence in Japan, and we help our clients sell that story.

Creating Successful and Profitable Japanese Operations

In Japan, the formation and staffing of a Japanese subsidiary demonstrates a meaningful commitment to this market. The reason this is important is because ongoing support and the ability to quickly respond to problems. A subsidiary is also viewed by buyers, partners, and employees as more credible in Japan than a branch or sales office, and provides U.S. vendors with greater market visibility. Our expertise is to establish, staff, finance, and actively manage Japanese subsidiaries for North American clients. By outsourcing your efforts in Japan to C.G. International, you can more effectively penetrate the Japanese market without distracting yourself from other key markets around the world.