Purchasing or selling real estate is one of the biggest decisions in your life. Choosing the right knowledgeable real estate company is extremely important as well. Introducing Real Select USA, LLC, a licensed real estate company with over 40 years of combined real estate experience. Providing one-stop service to fulfill our clients every need. We are known and respected for our professionalism, knowledge and experience as well as the caring and personal atmosphere we create for our clients. Our staff will help you fulfill your lifestyle, business. Or vacation goals here in beautiful Hawaii. Our firm provides a wide range of real estate services ranging from commercial, residential real estate acquisition, foreclosures and general consulting. In addition, Real Select USA, LLC has bilingual representatives located in both Hawaii and Japan ready to provide you with superb services. More detail visit us at www.realselectusa.com


  • お客様のご希望物件を探します。
  • ハワイ不動産の購入時、売却時に日本語でわかりやすく丁寧に説明致します。
  • 売買時に最善な価格と条件で交渉を進めます。
  • 日本にもエージェントがいますので、ハワイ不動産の購入、売却を日本にいても登記手続きが出来るよう手配致します。
  • 購入後の物件管理も安心してお任せください。管理報告書は毎月送付致します。
  • リアルセレクトUSAはハワイコンフォート社と提携し物件を利用しない期間は賃貸管理を致します。